WTS Wednesdays – I Bet You’ve Seen A Black Arrow-Headed Snake!


Hello, ‘Tangenters!

Who’s going on a road trip this year?iStock_LongRoad_283x424

Road trips are fun, economical goodness.

Y’know, with all the creepy rest stop bathrooms that should require a hazmat suit (and so you choose to hold it or sneakily go in the bushes, instead) and all the are-we-there-yets and the guarantee that someone will get carsick. In my family, I’m the designated carsick bundle of moany, groany, pukey fun.

Despite all that – I love road trips. No, really. I like seeing where we’re going and meeting new people and using (and appreciating) civilized bathrooms when I come across them (thank you fast food franchises!!) and, most of all, I love spending time with my fellow road trippers.

This was a fun activity that I used to play when I was a kid and on my way to Girl Scout camp. Be warned – it only works the first time. Also, it’s not great for people with a phobia of snakes…

It’s called “Watch Out For The Black Arrow-Headed Snake!”

How to play!

Contrary to popular belief, a “black arrow-headed snake” isn’t a creature… it refers to those road signs with the black arrows on them. So, every time you pass one of the road signs that has a black arrow on it say, “I see a black arrow-headed snake!”

road sign against a blue sky with clipping path.

Now, this is key… make sure not to point at it!! (It’s especially hard for kids to remember that part.) To throw people off, you can even look down at the side of the road when you see a sign.

See how long it takes your fellow road trippers to figure out what a black arrow-headed snake is!

As your road trippers figure it out, they’ll start helping you by calling them out. And, that’s a lot of fun.

Then, the entire rest of the trip you can all talk about the black arrow-headed snakes you saw. It will be a little secret for you and your travelling crew!

Just remember, if you’re going someplace that has no curves in the road (and, therefore, no signs)… this game will take a LOT longer.

Do you need a mobile game to play on your road trip? Then try one of WildTangent Studios’ latest and greatest!

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