WTS Wednesdays – Penguins! and Polar Bear Trivia! – 7/10/13

If you’re an animal nut (or know someone who is) then you’ll love the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web. They’ve done an amazing job of collecting information and photos of different animals from all over the world.Gentoo penguin calling And, you can see how they’re classified and what the naming conventions are. So cool!

Can you tell that I’m a total biology nerd?

I bet you’re wondering how this ties in to WildTangent Studios? Well, they have two games out and they’re about polar bears and penguins!

Let’s talk trivia!

Penguins! and Polar Bear Triviabear_pose_02_250x250

    • All penguins fall under an order called Sphenisciformes
    • Penguins live only in the Southern Hemisphere… so, you’ll only find wild penguins South of the equator
    • Penguins can’t fly through the air, but they use their wings like flippers to fly through the water! They are amazing swimmers!
    • When penguins glide over ice and snow on their bellies, they are “tobogganing!” Try that the next time it snows!
    • Polar Bears go by the scientific name Ursus maritimus, which is Latin for “maritime bear.”
    • Polar Bears live on the ice pack in the Arctic… near the North Pole.
    • You know how a polar bear’s nose is black? In fact, underneath their fur, their skin is black.
    • A polar bear only looks white because of the way light hits their clear, hollow fur! Some scientists think that the hollow hairs help insulate the bear from the cold.

Now, you can wow your friends, your kids, your kids’ friends, or your friends’ parents with your fun knowledge about these cool critters!


Now that I think about it, if penguins live in the Southern part of the Earth and polar bears live in the Northern part… PB and J never would have met in the wild! Hmm… how do you think they found each other? That could be a fun story, don’t you think?

For more fun animal facts, go to the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web!

Did you know all about penguins and polar bears already? Do you have any other fun pieces of trivia to share?

Also, since we’re in such a cold-weather mood… don’t forget to check out WildTangent Studios’ games, Polar Bowler: 1st Frame (on iOS and Android) and Penguins! Escape (only for iOS)!


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  1. Baby Game July 10, 2013 at 10:30 PM #

    Nice trivia! I knew the thing about polar bears having black skin. Pretty cool.

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