Popular Plays – Top 5 New PC Games!


The Top 5 New PC Games*

*These are games that were released within the last 30 days.
1.|Jewel Legends Atlantis – Match-3


Restore the kingdom of Atlantis!

This awesome match-3 shot to the top of the charts and stayed there! It’s been firmly entrenched in the top new games position for almost a month!

2.|Big City Adventure Tokyo – Hidden Object


Explore Tokyo with this hit series!

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Tokyo, then this is the game for you! Experience this amazing city without the airfare and the jet lag!

3.|A Wizard’s Curse – Hidden Object


You must stop the evil wizard!

%Hand picked by the Sorcerer’s Council, you must stop a rogue Wizard who is bent on destroying everything. Will your Alchemy be enough?

4.|Natural Threat 2 – Hidden Object


Save the city from mutated plants!

Mutated plants are taking over the city? Yikes! I don’t know which is worse – giant, evil plants or shambling, undead zombies?

5.|Build-a-lot Mysteries – Time Management


Every family has its secrets…

What kinds of secrets would a family with the last name of Graves be keeping? Find out for yourself in this eerie take on time management.

We have some eerie, creepy games in the top 5 this week. It almost feels like Halloween around here! What do you think of the spooky games?

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