Popular Plays – Top New Non-Hidden Object PC Games


The Top New Non-Hidden Object PC Games*

*These are games that were released within the last 30 days and ARE NOT hidden object games (since hidden object games dominated the last PC list).
1.|Moai: Build Your Dream – Time/Resource Management


Discover an uncharted island!

The islanders are counting on you!  Help them rebuild in this top game!  There’s a reason it’s so high on this list… try it out!

2.|Jewel Legends Atlantis – Match-3


Restore the kingdom of Atlantis!

Are you a match-3 fan?  Then you must play this well-made game about the mysterious Atlantis!

3.|Build-a-lot Mysteries – Time Management


Every family has its secrets…

This is a fun and spooky take on the time management genre. Build, buy and flip houses for the Graves family. Hm… what kinds of skeletons do you think they have in their closets?

4.|Sparkle 2 – Match-3


Match orbs and challenge the darkness!

If your goal is a fun and beautiful marble shooter, look no further. Clever levels and impressive power-ups make this a must-have for match-3/marble shooter players.

5.|Dragon Keeper 2 – Simulation/Time Management


Save your Prince from a fishy fate!

This hilarious simulation game will have you breeding and raising magical dragons in order to save your Prince… who was turned into a fish by an evil witch.

Will you try any of these games? Or are you strictly a hidden object game player?

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