Weekly Tangent – Casual Connect Roundup!


Hello ‘Tangenters,

Casual Connect.

For anyone in the casual games business (from developers to distributors to technology creators to brands), this conference is the most important one to attend. Luckily, there are 4 events every year around the world. If you didn’t know, casual gaming is a very international business.

July 30th to August 1st was this year’s Casual Connect USA in San Francisco.


The WildTangent booth – where the magic happens!

Here are some of the highlights!

WildTangent Shows Free-to-Play Games Some Love

See the press release here.

  • We’re tracking the trends and free-to-play is it!
  • Our technology and carrier billing makes in-app purchases easy for players and developers.
  • Don’t worry. We won’t stop carrying our regular downloadable games, but free-to-play is a juggernaut that our service can work really well with!

WildTangent Introduces New CPI Offering

See the press release here.

  • CPI = Cost Per Install  –>  Developers get their apps in front of more eyeballs more quickly.
  • We want to provide value to our customers and our clients with the apps that we offer via CPI.
  • With our technology, we can get the games and apps to the people who want them.

WildTangent Wants To Publish Indie Developers

See the press release here.

  • Indie developers love creating games, but they don’t always love the business side of it. We’re here to help!
  • We, at WildTangent, believe that the more quality games available, the better for everyone.
  • So, we have a new Publishing Division to work directly with developers. Our goal is to let devs make the best game they can while getting the distribution and monetization they need to keep doing it. Win-win for everyone (players, devs and WildTangent)!

WildTangent Donates Cool Prizes to Indie Prize Competition Winners

  • Indie Prize is a cool showcase for indie games and developers.
  • To the category winners, WildTangent gave mobile devices and a very special publishing offer – 100% revenue share for the first 30 days! Sweet!

Great job, indie developers!!

WildTangent Talks!

  • Our very own Executive Vice President of Product Development, Matt Shea, gave a talk on what exactly a mobile publisher does and why a studio should consider working with one.
  • David Worle, our Vice President of Content Acquisition, spoke about lessons learned from running our Android service. He focused on what works and what doesn’t for game and monetization design.

It was a busy week in San Francisco! Which announcement are you the most excited about?


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