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Hello ‘Tangenter!

Pinterest.Woman smiling and holding straight pins

I hear this term everywhere and everyone I know on Facebook is pinning pintastic things to their pintabulous pinboards of pinitude. I’ve only recently gotten on board (get it? “on board”). (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Anyway, I don’t completely get it, yet. And, that right there makes me feel like I should be yelling at kids to get off my lawn or something.

So – from what I understand, it’s a neat system for creating collections.

It seems to me like it could easily end up looking like my junk drawer at home.

“Uh, sure… this goes in the junk drawer.”

“I might use this one day – into the junk drawer you go.”

“What is this? Junk drawer!”

“Is that thing breathing?! Ummm… junk drawer.”

Then I would get overwhelmed, put a padlock on it and make up some epic tale about it every time someone asked.

“Oh that… we are The Protectors and keep the keys to another dimension in there. It’s totally not because if we ever open that junk drawer again all the stuff will come flying out and bury us alive, possibly with enough force to leave a crater in the earth where we once were. And that’s not covered under our insurance policy.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also, developers – you’re free to use that as a story idea for a hidden object game. You’re welcome. I’m such a giver.

So… that’s how I imagine my experience with Pinterest will be. I really do.

Why, yes, I am totally neurotic, how did you know?

So, I have noticed that we have little “pin it” buttons on each of our game pages and, despite how intimidated I am, I am also curious and… intrigued. I’d like to know if you pin our games. What boards do you pin them to?

Now that I’m dabbling with our Pinterest account… what should I pin to it? What else do you want to see on the WildTangent Pinterest account that’s not already there?

Do you have any tips? Tricks? Dire warnings? Should I just stay away? Can my fragile mind not handle the wondrous other world that would open up to me? (Luckily for me, we have an in-house Pinterest expert who can fix all of my foibles… but who probably can’t save my sanity!)

Let me know in the comments!


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