WTS Wednesdays – It’s WildTangentian – A Secret Language!

Hello, ‘Tangenter!

Open top secret envelope on table.Did you ever speak pig latin as a kid and think it was the coolest thing? It was a fast, easy secret language that… well, that everyone knew!

Practicing and speaking a super-secret language is a fun activity for a road trip… and it doesn’t require any supplies! It’s great for someone who tends to get a little bit car sick (like me).

If you want to create your own, eHow has a neat article on creating secret languages.

That sounded like fun, so I decided to make a secret language that only WildTangent players would know. If you speak this or hear someone else speaking it, then you’ll know that he or she is part of the club. It’s like a secret handshake. Hmm… maybe the WildTangent secret handshake should be another post. What do you think?

So, what is this secret language we’ll all use?

It’s called WildTangentian.

How To Speak WildTangentian

    • Before each vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y), you’ll say “ent.”

*NOTE: Silent vowels don’t need the “ent” sound.

**NOTE:  “Y” only counts when it makes an “I” or “E” sound… like in “why” or “witty.”    Silent “ys” like in “tray” don’t get the “ent” sound.

Here’s An Example!

    • “How are you?” would become “Hentow entare yentou?”
    • “That squirrel looks like Aunt Petunia,” would become: “Thentat squentirrentel lentooks lentike EntAunt Pentetentunentienta.”


Get your road trippers speaking in WildTangentian – it’s a great brain exercise. Using a secret language is especially entertaining at rest stops and restaurants – because no one will know what you’re saying!

Hentave fentun!

Translation: Have fun!

Fentor enta grenteat mentobentile tentime, trenty thentese gentames!

Translation: For a great mobile time, try these games!


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