WTS Wednesdays – Want To PlayThe License Plate Game?


Hi ‘Tangenters,

Even though summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is ending… we still have some road trip fun up our sleeves.

Maybe you can use the road trip activities when visiting family for the holidays. Or, for keeping the kids occupied as you drive around town!


I’m sure everyone, at some point, has played the State License Plate Game. It’s always so exciting to see license plates from somewhere exotic, like Minnesota. Hey, a Minnesotan had to drive FAR to end up in Washington.

So, for your convenience, we made a WildTangent State License Plate checklist for you to print up!

I know that there are many variations on this game, but I put together some rules for you, anyway – just in case you want them.

The Rules

  • Download and print up a list for every player:


  • Create a time limit for the game. The end of the trip, the end of every day, the end of the month (if you’re playing in the car as you run errands around town) all work.
  • Whenever a player sees a license plate from a state they haven’t checked off, they can check it off on their sheet.
    • To make it easier – everyone who sees it can check off the new license plate.
    • To make it harder (and more competitive) – only the person who initially saw the license plate gets to check it off.iStock_HighwayBlur_424x283
  • At the end of the time limit, get together and compare sheets. Whoever checked off all the plates (or checked off the most plates) wins! Maybe they should get a WildCoin for it?

And, that’s it! Go forth and have fun! By the way, what other variations of this game have you played?

This post is brought to you by WildTangent Studios!


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