Popular Plays – Top 5 Android Games of All Time


The Top 5 Android Games of All Time*

*Well, up until today that is.

1.|Fruit Ninja HD – Arcade


Behold the fruit carnage!

This is the most popular slicing/dicing/slashing game ever! Slash the fruit and avoid the bombs! It’s fast-paced, addicting fun!

2.|Polar Bowler First Frame HD – Arcade


Bundle up and bowl!

Take your bowling to an Arctic level and send PB down the lane toward those pins!

3.|Raging Thunder 2 – Racing


Intense street racing in crazy places!

Who hasn’t wanted to race over the Great Wall of China? Get some street racing in the palm of your hand!

4.|Granny Smith – Action


Get those apples!

Roller skating Granny Smith is determined to get her beloved apples back from a thief! Fun physics and spectacular crashes await you!

5.|Virtual Families – Simulation


Raise your own family!

Take care of your own Virtual Family in this uber popular game.

What do you think will be on this list in a year?

**NOTE:  The Popular Plays posts will be moved to Fridays starting next week!  Let me know what Popular Plays lists you’d like to see!

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