WTS Wednesday – A Hidden Object Game With PB and J!

Hello ‘Tangenter!

Are you ready for a real-life hidden object game with PB and J?

This is a fun, little activity for around the house… or the outdoors!

What you’ll do is hide PB and J for someone else (your kids, your significant other, your neighbor, maybe even your co-worker…) to find! Maybe when they’re all found, the finder gets a WildCoin?

Here’s how to play!

Step 1

Penguin_pose_04_300x300Download* and print up our miniature PB and Js here:


*Be ye warned – the file is 5MB.

Step 2

Hide PB and J!

Here are some ideas for where to put these sneaky cold-weather critters.

Hide them:

  • Around the house.
  • Around the yard.
  • In the car.
  • At the park*.
  • Wherever you could use a little entertainment.

*Just remember to pick up your PB and Js when you’re done if you’re in a public place.


Step 3

Find them!

It’s time for the person (or people!) who didn’t hide them to find them!

If you have more than one player, then the person who finds the most wins! Or, if you want to make it a team game, then everyone wins once all the PB and Js are found. With big age differences, maybe you can make a rule that says that everyone has to find at least one… that way older kids are motivated to help littler ones.

Step 4

Hide them again!

If you’d like, you can switch roles and let the Finders hide PB and J!

And that’s it – a real-life way to play a hidden object game with WildTangent Studios’ PB and J!

Keep an eye out for the newest update to the popular Polar Bowler: First Frame (for iOS and Android)! More crates, more bug fixes, more fun!!

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