WTS Wednesday – How-To Make a Spooky Halloween Lantern!

Hello ‘Tangenters!

I know that Halloween isn’t for a little while, but if you’re anything like me, you like to be ready as soon as October hits.

I’m sure you’ve seen the eyeballs in the jar decoration. This one puts a slightly different spin on it by adding a floral light (and optional glitter). It’s scarier than it sounds, I promise.


Glowing eyeballs in a jar. Yummy?

Not bad, huh?  (Despite the lacking photography skills…)

It’s like an extra creepy body-part-filled snow globe. …Just the way I like ‘em.


(Are you in the Halloween spirit yet?)

Tutorial time!

FYI: The way I make these is so that I can take everything apart later… I don’t want the water to get all gross, which it inevitably will.


  • Jar or bottle with lid (I picked one that’s been used forever and had a dinged and slightly rusted lid… it seemed to add to the ambiance)
  • Twist tie
  • Glue (super is ideal)
  • Waterproof floral lights
  • Distilled water (I like to think this makes it less likely to get gross)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Body parts (I got eyeballs and little organs)
  • Food coloring (optional)

My supplies.


My optional supplies sans food coloring. I was worried that I would spill it all over the carpet as I am wont to do.



  • Glue the two ends of the twist tie to the inside of your jar lid – the goal is to make a little band that you can hook your floral light on to (this way the floral light is removable).
  • Add some eyeballs to your jar.  (How often do you get to follow directions like that?!)
  • Add your OPTIONAL food coloring or glitter – I wouldn’t add too much. You can always put more in later.  (I didn’t take a picture of this step.)
  • Add the distilled water so that the jar is almost full.
  • Turn on your floral light and attach it to the lid.
  • Screw the lid to your jar and shake!

Show Photo


My glitter got a little clumpy… and my photo turned out a little dark.  Hmm.

If you’re brave, you can try to turn your jar upside down to make it even brighter. If you do this, you’ll want to make sure that your lid is on really, really tight (or even super glued on). And, if you’re extra brave, you can even do this with one of the jars with food coloring in it.


Boo! Floating eyeballs in a lighted jar. It’s great for a Halloween party decoration.

I felt very courageous for turning my jar upside down.

From WildTangent Studios, wishing you a very happy and fun Halloween!

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