WTS Wednesday – It’s A Very Polar Bowler Halloween!



Meet PB.

Hello ‘Tangenters!

If you’ve been agonizing about what to be for Halloween this year, worry no more! WildTangent Studios has got you covered!  (Well… we’ve got your face covered, anyway.)

Now you can go as our popular polar bear, PB!

(Please excuse the photography… I’m obviously an amateur.)


  • Get a red Aloha shirt. If you’re in a bind, then may I suggest tie-dying a white button down.
  • Get white pants. Khakis will work in a bind. For bonus authenticity points, get white, furry pants.
  • (Optional) Find an inner tube!
  • Acquire a paper plate – you’ll see why in a bit.
  • Obtain a length of string or a craft stick – no really, it’ll make sense very soon.
  • Get some scissors or a craft/utility knife.
  • Find some glue or tape (glue is ideal).
  • Download the WildTangent Studios PB paper plate mask template!



These are the supplies for your Halloween costume. Not bad, huh?


  • Print out and cut out the mask template.
  • Affix the template to the paper plate with your adhesive of choice (I used hot glue).
  • Cut out the eyes. This step is highly recommended… trust me.  Pro tip: I used a black marker to color in the edges where I cut through the paper and the paper plate.  It makes it look more polished.

Show me the photo.


I can see! I can SEE!

  • Poke holes on the edges of the paper plate and thread the string through it so that it’ll stay on your head. OR, glue a wooden craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate so you can hold it up to your face.

Show me the photo.


You can even see what a lovely cutting job I did on the eye holes…


This is the other option.

  • Put on your outfit, grab your inner tube, top it all off with the mask and… voila! You’ve just become PB!


Guess what I’m going as this year…

Also – this is just a fun mask to use even when it’s not Halloween! It’s great for playing pretend, dress up, or as work attire…


Nothing to see here, folks.  It’s just another day at WildTangent Studios…

Thanks to WildTangent Studios (and to our long-suffering, very kind producer who acted as my model for this tutorial) for creating the great template and for sponsoring today’s post!

Trick or treat!
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