WTS Wednesday – Road Trip Car Bingo!

Hi ‘Tangenter!

woman on carriageCar bingo is a time-honored tradition dating back to… well, probably to the horse and carriage. I’ve never met a kid who could sit through any kind of ride of any kind of length without something to entertain him or her (I certainly wasn’t one).

So, what we’ve done is create some WildTangent car bingo boards for you!

What You’ll Need

Download and print up the WildTangent Car Bingo Boards!

Don’t forget to grab some pens or stamps!

Just so you know:

  • Boards 1 and 2 are for kids who are old enough to read.
  • Boards 3 and 4 are for kids who prefer pictures.
  • Board 5 is for the slightly more ambitious bingo player and has some less common items to find.
  • Board 6 is for an early reader and has easier words.


The Rules

  • Let the players pick a card (I recommend not letting the driver play).
  • If a player sees something on their Bingo card, they call it out and can mark it off on their card (that’s what the pens/pencils/stamps are for.)
    • To make it easier – anyone who has that item on their card can mark it off and items inside the car count.
    • To make it harder – only the person who saw the item can mark it off and nothing inside the car counts.
  • The person who marks an entire row or column or diagonal first wins!
  • Alternatively, you can keep playing until someone fills his or her entire card!

**NOTE: The center WildTangent logo is a bonus space that you mark off at the beginning of the game.

Afterwards… maybe the winner (or all the participants) get a WildCoin! And, if not, at least you’ve gotten to your destination with a little more fun on the way!

Thanks to WildTangent Studios for sponsoring this post! Check out their games today!

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  1. Nikole January 10, 2014 at 4:12 PM #

    I didn’t know the routes go that far back – and imagine – nowadays everything is played online 😀 incredible

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