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MMO Events*

*These MMO Events are getting geared up for the Halloween! They’re listed in chronological order.

Vegas World


Play. Party. WIN! It’s virtual Vegas!

Experience Halloween in Vegas World! The virtual hotel will be Halloween themed from now until Nov. 10th! Customize your avatar with costumes and check out the limited edition Halloween charms that are available!

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory


Sail into adventure as a pirate!

Arrgh, mateys! it’s Halloween! From Oct. 18th to Nov. 1st, you can expect the Guild Island Invasion!  Participate and you might just get the Godfather Death II ship.



Run your own farm in this great MMO!

Get ready for a spooooky time on the farm! Help Kitty Kadabra collect her escaped ghosts from Oct. 24th to Oct. 31st.



Sail the seven seas, ye scurvy dog!

Boo! From Oct. 31st to Nov. 15th, Seafight is Halloween themed for the season!  Sink special NPCs to collect Pumpkin Chests – which are only around for a limited time!

Pirates: Tides of Fortune


Get 50% off rubies when you hit level 5!

Shiver me timbers! Check out the new personal achievement system! Also, new players can get special offers for 50% off rubies! Not Halloweeny, but still very nice!

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