Popular Plays – Some Of Our Favorite Android Titles (Staff Picks!)


Staff Picks – Android Games*

*We don’t want you to forget about some of our favorites! Push your phone or tablet to its limits! (They’re in no particular order.)



Fight against demons!

This action-packed RPG has you joining an epic battle between the angels, demons and humans. If you enjoyed the FATE or Diablo series, you’ll love SoulCraft.


Zen Pinball HD


It’s pinball for everyone!

This pinball game is as close to real as you can get! Careful attention to detail characterizes this high quality game.



A visually stunning zombie FPS!

If you don’t mind a little blood and gore with your FPS, then this is the game for you. See what your Android device can really do when you play this title.

Judge Dredd vs Zombies


How will you be Judged?

Become Mega-City One’s most famous lawman, Judge Dredd, in this top-down shooter. Lots of action, lots of zombies, lots of fun!


The list is chock full of the undead today – just in time for Halloween! Have you played any of these?

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