Weekly Tangent – The Not-So-Crunchy Fall Leaves


boy playing in fall leaves

Yeah… that’s not how fall in Seattle looks.

Hi ‘Tangenters!

Picture this – kids in warm coats, hats and mittens gleefully flinging themselves into a pile of crunchy, crackly leaves. Red, gold and rust colors fly through the air, accompanied by shrieks of delight. The air has that sharp, cold, earthy autumn scent and that bite to it that means that chillier weather is just around the corner.

Let me tell you, fall isn’t like that in Seattle.

When kids gleefully run around outside here, it’s usually in galoshes and raincoats.

Our piles of leaves are wet, limp and anything-but-fluffy… which, I’ll tell you from experience, are not fun to jump into. There is nothing to cushion your fall, except maybe the moss hiding under the quickly disintegrating pile…

The air smells and feels like damp.

The drip-drop pitter-patter on roofs is constant… yet comforting in its own way.


That’s more like it.

Some of our trees may lose their leaves, but there’s a reason this is called the Emerald City and the Evergreen State. When our deciduous plants go dormant, our numerous evergreens stalwartly provide color and cover all year round. Seattle’s foliage doesn’t go to sleep for the winter.

Also, there’s something beautiful and inspiring about it even when you’re stuck indoors because of the weather – maybe that’s why so many creative types come from (or are drawn) here.

Most importantly, for those of us not brave enough to go hiking, camping and, well, outdoors in the non-summer months… it’s a great excuse to sit inside and play lots of games for months on end.

What should I play this season?



What are YOU playing this fall? Let me know what your favorite games of the year are.

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  1. Stick Game November 5, 2013 at 1:21 PM #

    From what I hear BF4 is the game to play!

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