WTS Wednesday – Get PB’s Color Back… With His Halloween Coloring Page!


Hello ‘Tangenters!

Ahh, coloring. I’m not very good about staying in the lines. What about you?


It’s almost Halloween!

Notice the present tense there? Coloring isn’t just for kids! (Guilty admission – I keep a box of crayons in my desk.) (Guilty-er admission – As blasphemous as this sounds, I never liked the smell of crayons. Or, Play-Doh for that matter. Despite the implications, I was a fun kid… or at least fun-ish. I swear.)

Anyway, PB thought that you (or even the small human children in your life) might be looking for something Halloween-y and artistic to do at this time of year. So, he convinced Rick (one of our super awesome WildTangent Studios artists) to create this masterpiece for you to color!

Are you wondering why PB is in such a fun mood? Well, he’s very excited about that fact that those of you with Kindle Fire tablets can now play Polar Bowler: 1st Frame, too! And, even better? It’s a free download!

This post is brought to you by PB’s home turf, WildTangent Studios!

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