WTS Wednesday – Strike! It’s Bowling Trivia!



Do you think PB has to wear bowling shoes when he’s at a regular bowling alley?

Hello ‘Tangenter!

It’s the middle of the week again!  (I know, already?!)

It’s WildTangent Studios Wednesday!

I haven’t done a trivia post in a while, so I thought one was due.

And, since there’s a fantabulous update to Polar Bowler: 1st Frame in the works (which should be available soon), I thought it was only appropriate to post some…

Fun Facts About Bowling:

A bowling ball can have more than 3 holes?! A ball may have up to 7 holes in it – 5 for gripping, 1 for ventilation and 1 for balance.

Maple isn’t just for making cabinets out of – bowling pins are made from hard maple.

Did you know that there’s an International Bowling Museum & Hall Of Fame?! – I suspect that’s PB’s second favorite place in the world (the first being the Arctic, of course).

The largest bowling alley in the world (the one with the most lanes) is the Inazawa Grand Bowl in Japan. It has 116 lanes! That’s a lot of bowling going on…

Splitsville Lanes in Tampa, Florida has the world’s largest bowling pin standing right outside.


Now THAT is a cool bowling ball.

And, finally, for neat bowling memorabilia check out Dr. Jake’s Bowling History Blog.  Okay, that’s not a fact, but it is fun!

Are you in the mood to bowl now? To scratch your bowling itch – play some Polar Bowler: 1st Frame (on iOS or Android) and get in your practice before the new update comes out!
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