WildTangent’s Weekly Tangent – True Tales or Hidden Object Game Storyline?


Hello ‘Tangenter,

Lately, I’ve come across some great stories that sound like they could come straight from an awesome hidden object game and some stories that are from an awesome hidden object game.

Do you know which is which? Click the tabs to expand them and see if you’re right!

The Mayan Queen

Deep in the Guatemalan jungle, a mysterious platform in an ancient Mayan city bears evidence of rituals performed long after the Mayan civilization collapsed. Archaeologists believe that the tomb of the famous K’abel, the “Holy Snake Lady” and warrior queen might be here… somewhere.


What a great last resting place, huh?

The Ancient Artifact

A break-in at a Chicago museum forces employees to take a closer look at one of their ancient artifacts… which leads to a secret in the Greek Isles and a lost treasure.

Fact or Fiction?

This is the storyline of the hidden object game The Nightshift Code. Wanna play it?

The Fountain Of Youth

Adventurers have searched for the Fountain of Youth for centuries. Now, an archaeologist studying the Conquistador Cortez may have discovered how to find it.

Fact or Fiction?

Want to finish this story? Then play Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate.

Gate To The Underworld

Strabo, a geographer, wrote about the ancient Greek Gate to the Underworld thousands of years ago. He said that the “space is filled with a cloudy and dark vapor, so dense that the bottom can scarcely be discerned…” And, now this Gate has been found.

Fact or Fiction?

Earlier this year, in Turkey, archaeologists identified what they believe is one of the legendary entrances to the underworld.

What clues could these scrolls hold?

The Missing Mona Lisa

In 1911, the Mona Lisa went missing from the Louvre. Who could have done it? The people suspected or even outright blamed politicians and tycoons for its loss. Only cunning, wits and luck can find the burglar and get the painting back in one piece.

Fact or Fiction?

This theft is actually what made the Mona Lisa as famous as it is today. Read all about it here.

What did you think of these little tales? Have you played these games… or would you if they someone turned them into HOGs? Did you guess them all correctly?

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