WTS Wednesday – Celebrate Polar Bowler 1st Frame’s Debut On The Kindle Fire!


Hello ‘Tangenter,

We have an announcement! You can now get Polar Bowler 1st Frame FREE on the Kindle Fire!

This exciting news means that you can get your favorite bowling alley bear on your favorite mobile device!

We’re so excited that we decided to celebrate with a little treat!

Our very talented WildTangent Studios Art Director, Rick Schmitz (you can catch him on the WildTangent Studios Tumblr), created a way to make an adorable, edible version of PB! And we have the How-To for you!


Here’s what he should look like!


  • Chocolate Doughnut
  • Big Marshmallow x 5
  • Mini Marshmallow x 2
  • Small Chocolate Chips x 19
  • ”Snowball” Cupcake
  • White Icing


  • Start with the chocolate doughnut inner tube.
  • Sit the “snowball” cupcake in the inner tube – this is PB’s scrumptious torso.
  • Using the white icing as a glue:
    • Attach the big marshmallows to the cupcake as arms, legs and a head.
    • Put two mini marshmallows on his head for ears.
    • Place 4 chocolate chips on the end of each arm and leg to make paws.
    • Use 3 chocolate chips on his face to make his sunglasses and his nose.

Here’s what mine looked like…

What can I say?  I was hungry…

Anyway, how are you going to celebrate?

Deliciously brought to you by WildTangent Studios and Polar Bowler 1st Frame now on Kindle Fire!

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