WTS Wednesday – How About A Game Of Dice Bowling? (A How-To)


diced tomato

Not that kind of dice…

Hello ‘Tangenters,

Want a quick and easy way to bowl the WildTangent Studios way?

Then grab a pair a dice and start dice bowling!


  • 2 6-sided dice – you know the ones.
  • Get our WildTangent scoring sheet!

(I suggest you read all the rules before playing.)

How-To Play

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get the highest score you can over 10 frames.

    • Start by rolling two dice – this is the first roll of your frame. **Each frame gets 2 rolls (just like in real bowling)!
    • Now look at your dice – do you want to keep one or both of them? **TIP – Remember, you’re going for the highest score, so keep dice that roll high and re-roll dice that have low numbers.
    • If you’ve decided to re-roll one or both of your dice, this is your chance to do so. Re-roll now!

      red dice

      That looks like it’s going to be a strike!

  • ADD ‘EM UP
    • Add up the dice from your first and second rolls.
    • Enter the score on the scorecard with the following exceptions:
      • Rolling two 1s (at the same time) is a gutter ball and worth 0 points – if you still have a second roll, then re-roll both dice.
      • Rolling two 6s (at the same time in one roll) is a strike! Get 18 points!
      • Rolling a 6 on the first roll and a 6 on the second roll is a spare! Get 15 points!
    • Now, your frame is complete!
    • Keep going for 10 frames!

These two always have bowling on the mind…

If you’re playing on your own – keep trying to beat your best score – frame score and game score! Or, just try to beat your last score.

**TIP – Print out several copies of the bowling scorecard and laminate them so you can use wet-erase markers to keep score. This makes it easy to re-use and clean up!

The folks at WildTangent Studios sponsored this post – keep your eye out for the next game starring PB and J!

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