WTS Wednesday – Our Favorite Parks (Touring Seattle With WildTangent Studios)


Hello ‘Tangenter!

Even though Seattle is rainy and dreary (especially this time of year), we do have some lovely parks. Some are even fun to visit in our “off season.”

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Volunteer Park Conservatory (when it’s not raining).

Our Favorite Seattle Parks

  • Amorphophallus titanum, titan arum, corpse flower

    The infamous (and beautiful) corpse flower.

    Hing Hay Park – This park, in the heart of the International District (or the I.D., as we Seattleites call it), has the distinct Grand Pavilion standing in it. During the summer, the park buzzes with activity. Festivals, movie showings and musical performances are just some of the things that we locals enjoy here.

  • Waterfall Garden Park – On the site of the original UPS building (yes, folks, UPS is a Seattle-born company) sits this little slice of nature. With its 22-foot-tall waterfall, this tiny park is a completely unexpected sight in the middle of the city. If you’re in Pioneer Square (maybe getting some of the food the Studios crew mentioned in a previous post) then you won’t want to miss this.
  • Volunteer Park Conservatory – All right. I have a confession – this park isn’t downtown, but it’s a really great experience. This 100-year-old Victorian Conservatory is an awesome building and has (in the past) gotten a very rare blooming corpse flower on loan from the University of Washington. I went and saw/smelled it when it was blooming several years ago and, wow, bring a pair of nose plugs. But, despite the… aroma, it was incredible! The plant even gives off heat that makes it feel even more decomposing corpse-y. I’m telling you – ew and awe.

Even without creepy corpse flowers, these parks are absolute gems. Next time you’re in Seattle, check them out!

Thanks to the fine folks at WildTangent Studios for sponsoring and participating in this post!

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