WildTangent Games sponsors The Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects London

TheVeryBigIndiePitchLogo_243x218WildTangent is on the lookout for talented developers and their awesome games! We know how hard it is to get noticed in the indie gaming market, so we want to shine the spotlight on undiscovered talent. To find these hidden indie gems we are off to London’s Pocket Gamer Connects East Meets West event on January 20 as a sponsor of The Very Big Indie Pitch.

WildTangent has an effective distribution channel and a large audience of gamers. I will be in London as it’s my job to find great mobile games to add to the WildTangent Games service. My official title is Content Acquisition and Business Development for WildTangent Mobile Games and it’s similar to a talent scout, but for our service. We’re sponsoring The Very Big Indie Pitch to get a front row seat to see the latest and greatest Indie games and support the community.

For those who might not be aware of The Very Big Indie Pitch, it’s a competition for Indie game developers that gives them exposure to top industry influencers and publishers – just like us. The entrants submitted their games before the New Year as part of the first round of the competition. The next stage will take place on January 20th where the developers will present their games in person to a panel of judges selected from top gaming outlets. The finals will be held on January 21st and the top finishers will share a prize package worth more than $25,000, including opportunities to be published on the WildTangent Games service.

As the ‘games scout,’ I’ll be at The Very Big Indie Pitch to spread the word about what we have to offer and discuss WildTangent’s unique go-to-market strategy for Indie game developers, including direct-to-consumer pre-queuing that gives access to several mobile carriers and hardware manufactures through a single partner (us!). I’ll also be showing off our BrandBoost advertising platform and explaining how it offers developers added revenue opportunities through some of the highest monetizing effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) in advertising.

As gaming fans, we believe there is a ton of undiscovered talent out there, so our mission is to connect these developers with their audience and give them their big break. Events like The Very Big Indie pitch allow us to meet developers and spot these gems. We hope to see you there.

If you’d like to schedule time to meet me at the event, send me an e-mail directly at: Lindsay.dover@wildtangent.com. Also, for more information on opportunities for developers, visit our developer page.

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3 Responses to “WildTangent Games sponsors The Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects London”

  1. Spock January 16, 2014 at 4:32 PM #

    Redsovietz, a member of our Fansite forum and a member of the Wildtangent forum, is working on a game. He has had others Beta test it for him.

    I don’t normally run a PC, so I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard good things about it …

  2. Mari January 17, 2014 at 1:09 PM #

    Hi Spock – If Redsovietz is interested, tell him to check out the developer page: http://bit.ly/1dU9WyY. :)

  3. Spock January 17, 2014 at 3:34 PM #

    Thanks, just posted your comment and links to this post in our forum. Hope he follows up. :)

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