6 Android Racing Games To Play This Daytona 500 Weekend!


The Daytona 500 gets under way this weekend and I thought that you might be in the mood for some fun racing titles, too.

Get into the driver’s seat!

6 Android Racing Games

Raging Thunder 2


Intense street racing in crazy places!

This is fast, intense street racing at its finest. This is one of those games that you play to show off how sweet your Android device is.

Reckless Racing HD


Crazy dirt racing at its best!

It’s beautiful, muddy chaos! Skid over these dirt tracks and make the speediest mess ever.

Old Skool Racing


Rev up your engines, drivers!

I have two words for you: vintage cars. How fun is that? It gives this game a very different look and feel. Give it a try!

Crazy Cars – Hit The Road HD


Rediscover the thrill of arcade racing!

Get off the track and into the city in this game. Drive across the US at 180 mph… and try to avoid the cops!

Riptide GP


The ultimate water-racing experience!

Okay… so, you don’t drive a car in this one. However, racing through crazy rivers and performing death-defying stunts on a supercharged jet ski is totally awesome! Am I right? We both know I am.

Protoxide: Death Race


The race – and the war – will never end.

Granted, this isn’t cars, either… but high-speed war machines on cool, industrial tracks? It would be criminal to leave this one out.

Okay, I’m gonna go pilot a death robot around a track. How are you going to satisfy your racing cravings after watching the Daytona 500?

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