Staff Picks – 5 Anti-Valentine’s Day Games To Play

Hello ‘Tangenter,

It’s Valentine’s Day.

I know, I know. Not everyone is a fan and if you don’t love Valentine’s Day, you’re probably sick of all the red and pink and hearts and roses. (If you’re not sick of it, then check out our romantic Valentine’s Day games!)

If all you want is for Valentine’s Day to be over, here are the games for you. They’re fun, they’ll pass the time and, in some instances, you can really GET YOUR AGGRESSION OUT.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Games

Nancy Drew: Shadow At The Water’s Edge


Investigate a haunted Japanese inn!

Brrr. This creepy, scary mystery will absolutely consume your attention. You won’t even notice the holiday going on around you.

Devil May Cry 4


The newest and best in the DMC series.

Super combos and stunning action will have you getting all of your Valentine’s Day aggression out on loads of enemies. It’s cathartic.

Dungeon of Elements


A clever combination of Match 3 and RPG!

Match 3 and RPG fun. And, most importantly, there’s a refreshingly distinct lack of cute or sweet.

Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper


Can you stop the notorious killer?

How romantic can tracking down a murderer be? Don’t give it another thought, you’ll be too busy stopping a serial killer in this hidden object game.

Soldier vs. Aliens


Defend your position and kill aliens!

You have just one objective: kill everything! It doesn’t get much more Anti-Valentine’s Day than that!

There you go!

I hope this helps you get through the day.

What do you think of this Staff Picks list? Do you have any Anti-Valentine’s Day games to recommend?

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