Weekly Tangent – 4 Game-Related Riddles For You


Hello ‘Tangenters!

I had some fun coming up with these riddles about games and game characters.

Can you solve them?

I’m a mystery writer and a crime fighter. I’m more than a fort and less than a palace. Who am I?

Android’s my home and fruit is my foe. Who am I?

What’s The Answer?

I’m the ninja from Fruit Ninja HD!

I’m a serial restaurant entrepreneur. And, I just went on my honeymoon! Who am I?

What’s The Answer?

I’m Emily from the Delicious games!

I am the law (on Android). Who am I?

How many of my riddles did you get right?

Also, do you remember those cute videos I posted a while back?

The Toronto Zoo named their polar bear! I thought you might like to know!



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