WildTangent Studios Wednesday – Which ‘Tube Are You? (A Polar Bowler Personality Quiz!)


Hi ‘Tangenters!

We recently announced the upcoming game Polar Bowler. And, in his excitement, PB revealed some of his specialty inner tubes on his Facebook page.


Pictured: PB’s standard ‘tube. (Have no fear; it’s still rockin’.)

Each ‘tube has a very distinct personality.

Read the description, see which one fits you the best and then click on the tab to reveal which kind of ‘tube you are!

You don’t enjoy (or employ) subtlety. You jump right into the middle of any situation and take charge, levelling all in your way with wide swaths of advanced technology.

Who Am I?

You are the Laser Tube!


Laser beams! Pew pew!

Like a cheetah, you strike with incredible speed. You’re in and out before anyone even knows you were there. All that’s left in your wake is windblown debris. You crave danger and, be honest, a little bit of chaos.

Who Am I?

You are the Jet Tube!


This looks distinctly unsafe, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even have a seat belt!

You love to try new things. Why do things the same way you’ve done them before? That’s boring! Sometimes, your new creations work better than before and, sometimes, you have to put them to use in unexpected ways.

Who Am I?

You are the Test Tube!


Just wait until you get to see how PB uses this beauty…

Which tube were you?

Stay tuned! Polar Bowler is coming soon and you’ll get to see even more exciting tubes when it launches!
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