Popular Plays – Mars Is Close – Time For Space Games!


Hello ‘Tangenter,

Apparently, Mars is very close and getting even closer!

And, that, my friends, makes it the perfect time to play Games In Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


5 Games In Spaaaaaace – Windows

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis


Discover the origin of Atlantis!

Not many hidden object games fall into the futuristic sci-fi genre. But, this one dives in and makes it excellent.

1000 Light-Years Away


The time machine is missing!

A Match 3 space adventure with time travel included? Um, yes, please!

Galaxy Life


Ally with your friends… in space!

Build up your own planet of adorable aliens. Become the space overlord of cuteness!

DarkOrbit Reloaded


New Design, Graphics, Missions & More!

This game just received some major updates! That’s some serious developer love. So, even if you’ve already played, there is a lot of new content for you.

Slot Quest: Galactic Defender


Defend your world from attacking aliens!

Defeat alien hordes with your slot machines! Hey, it could happen.


+2 Bonus Android Space Games*

*I just couldn’t leave these off the list.


It’s rocket science in your pocket!

Two words: realistic physics. This is perfect if you want authenticity in your space game.

Words in Space Free


Become an Interstellar Speller!

Spell words and destroy asteroids! If only that happened in real life… pew pew pew.

I just hope that our notoriously overcast skies clear up for just a bit so that I can see the splendor of Mars.

Are you going to stargaze this weekend?

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