Weekly Tangent – 4 Famous Washington State Mysteries


Hello ‘Tangenter,

I love a good mystery game… and I suspect you do, too.

To be fair, I just love mysteries in general.

So, I collected 4 famous mysteries from Washington State, the home of WildTangent.

Flying Saucers

The famous term “flying saucers” came from Washington after a strange sighting of UFOs near Mount Rainier in 1947. Later that year, the incident in Roswell, New Mexico happened… also involving a “flying saucer.” Coincidence?


Dun dun duuuuun!


Many places around the world have legends of large, man-like creatures. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is ours. The famous video was a hoax, as were many of the footprints. But, not all of them are definitive fakes. We don’t have definitive proof of his/her/its existence (or non-existence)… yet. Cue ominous music.

D.B. Cooper

This hijacker jumped out of a plane over the state of Washington with a whole lot of ransom money. To this day, no one knows who he was (or is) or what happened to him after he jumped. People still hunt for the money he may have left behind.


Loch Ness has Nessie. We have Caddy. Many people have seen the creature over many, many years. Described as having a long body with a horse-shaped head, Caddy is our very own mythical monster. Yup, Seattle has a sea serpent in its own back yard.

Now, I’m totally in the mood for a good mystery game. What should I play?


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