WildTangent Studios Wednesday – Homemade Happy Matchy Bird Game (With Printable!)


Hello ‘Tangenter!

Have you played this unique Match 3 game from WildTangent Studios, yet?

It stars a goofy little bird who is both happy and matchy.

They like him so much that WildTangent Studios wanted to give you the chance to make your own game right at home!

How-To Make Happy Matchy Bird At Home

  • You’ll Need:
    • The Printable


    • Tape or Glue
    • Bouncy Ball
  • Instructions:
    • Cut out blocks and Happy Matchy Bird
    • Tape or glue blocks together (fold and glue the tabs so that they are inside the block)
    • Tape or glue Happy Matchy Bird to a bouncy ball


This is what a block looks like once it’s been glued together.

How-To Play

  • This game is similar to “jacks.”
  • Scatter your blocks on the floor in a pile.
  • Now, bounce the bouncy ball/Happy Matchy Bird and try to pick up 3 blocks of the same color from the pile AND catch the ball before it hits the ground again.
  • If you get 3 blocks of the same color in your hand, you made it and you can put those blocks to the side in your collection! Bounce the ball again and try for another set of 3.
  • If you ever don’t get 3 blocks of the same color in your hand, then put all the blocks in your collection back in the pile and start over.
  • See how many tries it takes you to get all of your blocks in your collection – if you do, you’ve won the game!

Have fun!

Play Happy Matchy Bird FREE from WildTangent Studios (Android, Kindle Fire or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)!


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