Popular Plays – 6 Buzz-Worthy Games (They’re About Bees…)


Hello ‘Tangenter!

Here in Seattle, we’re over our April Showers and transitioning into our May (you guessed it) Showers. I’m sure you’ve heard of our weather reputation… It rains. A lot.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have flowers, though!

And, I’ve been seeing more and more bees lately… hence, my inspiration for this week’s theme.

Aaaaaaaa! BEES!

6 Bee-Themed Games

Bee Control – ANDROID


How much honey can you gather?

Are you a busy-bee? Play Bee Control today and test your gathering skills.

Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest – ANDROID


Panic on the anthill!

A strange virus has infected the ant queen. You must control your ants to help save her in the adventure game Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest.

Beebo Deluxe – WINDOWS


This match 3 game is sweet as honey!

Play the match 3 Beebo Deluxe and help stop Bee Colony Collapse Disorder!

Bee Garden – WINDOWS


Help the bees find their lost queen!

Bring life back to Bee Garden and the queen will return!

Tumble Bees – WINDOWS


Play this sweet & free word search game!

Play this free online word search game and see what the buzz is about–it’s the sweetest spelling bee online. Play Tumble Bees for free at EA’s Pogo!

Tangle Bee – WINDOWS


Untie the TangleBee!

Try TangleBee for a completely new twist on the casual puzzle game.

Did you hear the buzz?

P.S. Here are our winners from last week’s Coffee Contest! Diana, Donna and Spock – you should all have a code for 25 WildCoins in your email inbox. Enjoy!

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