Weekly Tangent – Can You #NameThatGame?


Hello ‘Tangenter!

I have some screenshots from some games on WildTangent that I’m playing.

Can you identify them? #NameThatGame!

See if you’re right!


What's This Game?

This is Triviador! Trivia meets Risk in this clever free-to-play game.


What's This Game?

This great time management game is called Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery. I’m playing it on Android right now, but you can also get it on Windows.


What's This Game?

I like Sudoku as much as the next person, but the FlowDoku take on it is so unique and visually appealing. Sorry, Windows gamers, this one is only on Android.


What's This Game?

They had me at tower defense with dwarves. This one is 300 Dwarves.


What's This Game?

7 Grand Steps is an interesting combination of slots, board game mechanics and storytelling. You should try this indie title.

What are you playing?


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