Weekly Tangent – Game Or Real Life? (Ancient Secrets Edition)


Hello ‘Tangenter!

Can you tell which of these next 5 stories are games and which ones are real-life events?

Lost Cities

The old spy photos held much more than conspiracies and plots. They revealed clues to ancient cities lost to time. What will you do with this astounding discovery?

Game or Real Life?

Real life! Archaeologists recently discovered a bunch of lost cities thanks to Cold War satellite images!

Finding Shangri La

A scientist’s humble notebook holds the key to the location of the legendary Shangri La.

Game or Real Life?

Game! This is the plot from Tibet Quest.


What secrets do they hold?

The Secret Of The Pyramids

At the University of Amsterdam, a researcher uncovers an ancient secret – how the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids. And, it will change the way we think about these great monuments.

Game or Real Life?

Real life! Researchers figured out how the ancient Egyptians moved the giant stones used to build the pyramids. The secret? Water!

The Run-Down Town

A charming, rural village in the English countryside is now just a run-down town… and the mysterious reason for the decay is inside the train station and hotel, which were abandoned in World War II.

Game or Real Life?

Game! You can play this story in Darkfall: Lost Souls.

Family History

One particular family wins a famous race time after time. A young woman strives to win and continue her legacy.

Game or Real Life?

Game! Join Emily King in a race around the world in Legacy – World Adventure!

How many did you get right?


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