Popular Plays – 5 Museum Games To Celebrate the Smithsonian!


Hello, ‘Tangenter,

185 years ago today, James Smithson, an English scientist, willed his entire estate (if his heir had no heirs) to the United States to create the Smithsonian Institution.

Let’s celebrate the inception of this fantastic museum with some fun museum games!


Find clues to find the exit!

Escape The Museum

Solve puzzles and find hidden objects to escape the ruins of the museum.

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Expose buried secrets and catch a thief red-handed as Nancy Drew!


Catch a thief red-handed!


Recover artifacts by solving puzzles!

World Mosaics 4

Solve pictographic puzzles to restore lost artifacts in World Mosaics 4!

Reel Deal Slot Quest The Museum Escape:

Embark on a Reel Deal Slot Quest in The Museum Escape. Trapped in the museum after dark, you are shocked to see the exhibits come alive!


Watch the exhibits come alive!


The ultimate Match 3 series continues!

Jewel Quest 3

Travel the world in Jewel Quest 3, the newest game in the hit Match 3 series!

What’s your favorite museum or museum-based game?

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