Weekly Tangent – Game WHILE You Drive…?

Hello, ‘Tangenter!

Gaming while driving may not be as dangerous as it sounds… in the FUTURE. **Insert synthesizer-esque future sounds here.**

So, Google X, the experimental arm of the company, created a steering wheel- and brake pedal-less self-driving car.

08-01-10 © ImageegamI

In a self-driving car, you and I could do all of this without the negative consequences! (Except maybe an unfortunate eyeliner accident…)

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords… because it gives me more time to game, of course!

Just imagine it, instead of trying to make awkward eye contact with the girl (or guy?) in the car with the darkly tinted windows as you creep along in rush hour traffic hoping they see your blinker and let you merge, you can avoid any uncomfortable social interaction (as limited as it may be) and play games!

What a relief!

Also, since it’s a Google car, it will probably connect and do awesome things with my Android phone… somehow.

Spock recently linked me to the solar roadways project… I wonder how a smart solar roadway could interact with a new self-driving car AND my phone?

The potential is so cool!

What do you think about the future of car travel? Are you a fan of the future of self-driving cars? Or, do you prefer the old-school style of driving? Do you think this is the beginning of the robot apocalypse?



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