Weekly Tangent – What’s On Your “Best Of” List? (Hidden Object/Adventure)



I’m ready for an adventure (on my computer)!

Hello, ‘Tangenter!

I was trying to pick my favorite hidden object game and/or adventure games.

It’s one of the Nancy Drew games! Well, actually, maybe it’s Awakening. Nevermind, it’s Gardenscapes! Wait, there’s Chronicles of Albian, too. And, what about Drawn?


It’s so hard to pick!

Do you have a favorite hidden object game and/or adventure game? (Are you like me and have more than one?)

Tell me all about it in the comments!


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2 Responses to “Weekly Tangent – What’s On Your “Best Of” List? (Hidden Object/Adventure)”

  1. Rain August 11, 2014 at 5:18 PM #

    Dream Chronicles. All of them! I was unhappy when the series was dropped. There were supposed to be more games. Now I’ll never know how it ends. :(

    • Mari August 12, 2014 at 8:53 AM #

      Hi Rain,

      I really enjoyed the Dream Chronicles series, too! It’s a bummer that there aren’t more of them. Those games are really clever and beautiful.

      We just have to look elsewhere, huh?


      P.S. I edited your comment for you (I hope you don’t mind.) I don’t think there’s a way to edit it once submitted.

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