WildTangent TIP – Rent To Own? How Close Am I To Owning?

Hello, ‘Tangenter!

At WildTangent, we give you the option to rent games. It’s an economical way to play a large variety of games.

Here’s a not-so-secret secret. Each rental goes toward the cost of owning that game. Rent it enough times and you can own it outright.

But, how do you know how close you are to owning a game through rentals? Let me show you!

1. Open up the game you’re curious about. (I played Build-a-lot Mysteries 2 recently.)


Which game do you want to know about?

2. Click on “buy.” Don’t worry – you’re not actually committing to buying it, yet.


Click on “buy game.”

3. See what kind of credit you have for renting. You can see I’ve rented it once and get 4 WildCoins off the purchase price.


See how many rental credits you have!


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