Hidden Object Games

The perfect mix of thrilling adventures and challenging logic puzzles and make the heart of every puzzle fan beat faster! Regardless of whether you are a crime or horror fan, hopelessly romantic or with a penchant for fantastic adventures - you will definitely find the right hidden object game with us!

Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games (also known as HOGs) are a type of puzzle video game that have grown in popularity over the past few decades. In these games, the player is presented with a list of objects and must find them among objects hidden in an image. The list of items can be anything from books to animals. Finally, some games may feature mini-games or bonus levels that the player can access to earn additional points or rewards.

Hidden Objects - Popular Genres

The most popular genres of Hidden Object Games are Mystery, Puzzle, and Spooky/Horror. Mystery games typically involve a story and involve solving puzzles to progress through the game. Puzzle games are more focused on problem-solving and require the player to use their observational skills to determine the location of objects. Horror games, on the other hand, focus on creating an atmosphere of suspense and fear. Some of the most popular Hidden Object Games include Mystery Case Files, Grim Tales, and Unsolved Cases. These titles have received numerous awards and have become the face of the genre.

Hidden Objects - How to Play

Gameplay in Hidden Object Games typically involves following a basic set of rules. The player is provided with a list of objects and must find them in the image within a certain time limit. In more advanced hidden object games, the player must also combine certain items to progress. For example, a pair of scissors may be required to cut a rope, or a hammer may be needed to break open a chest. Exploration and interaction with the environment is often key to progressing in the game

Hidden Objects - Benefits

Playing Hidden Object Games can have numerous benefits for the player. Firstly, it can help to enhance memory. As the player searches for objects, they must remember where they have seen each item to progess in the game. Secondly, playing Hidden Object Games can help to improve problem solving skills. Players must use logic and reason to locate objects, while also considering how objects can be combined to progress further. Finally, Hidden Object Games can provide stress relief. As the player searches for objects, they can relax and take their mind off their worries. As a result, Hidden Object Games can be a great way to unwind after a long day.