Fruit Blitz - This is the fastest and fruitiest puzzle game you've ever seen! Fruit Blitz puts a delicious new twist on familiar matching mechanics. - logo

Fruit Blitz

Rubicon Mobile Ltd.



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Match 3


Match your way through this fast, fruity, clever and colorful puzzle game! Fruit Blitz takes familiar match 3 mechanics and gives them some new twists. A pumping Calypso soundtrack accompanies your every move and juicy graphics will explode with every squishy match. Form a team with your Facebook friends or compete against them! Start your Fruit Blitz on Android today!

Additional Details

Buy $0.99 or 4
Session Price 1
Developer Rubicon Mobile Ltd.
Size 15MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date July 2, 2013
Match 3