Haunted Hotel - In the Haunted Hotel, an individual named Ambrose needs your hidden object skills to leave this earthly plane. - logo

Haunted Hotel

Plata Games



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Hidden Object Haunted Hotel


As an exorcist, it's up to you to help the not-so-alive guests of the Haunted Hotel move on to the next plane of existence. Hidden object scenes, Match 3 levels, memory puzzles, cobwebbed chambers and mysteries all wait for you in this hidden object game. You can search using pictures, words, silhouettes or anagrams. And, you can play arcade mode in 3 different modes. Play Haunted Hotel on Android today!

Additional Details

Buy $1.99 or 8
Session Price 2
Developer Plata Games
Size 60MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date September 30, 2014
Hidden Object Haunted Hotel