Joining Hands 2 - Will you help the Peablins?  Drag and drop the adorable critters so that everyone is holding hands in this cute puzzle game, Joining Hands 2. - logo

Joining Hands 2




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On a starry night, a blazing ball of fire crashes into the far corner of the Whispering Woods, waking all the little Peablins. What could it be? Help them find out by solving cute, cuddly puzzles in Joining Hands 2! Using the intuitive drag and drop gameplay, place the Peablins into the puzzle boards so that everyone is holding hands. Meet new Peablins and collect more stars over the 140 levels. Get the charming Joining Hands 2 on Android today!

Additional Details

Buy $2.99 or 12
Session Price 2
Developer MythPeople
Size 50MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date September 26, 2013
Puzzle HD