Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim takes place in a vast magical world where you are honored with the crown of a fairytale kingdom. When you become the head of the country, all the responsibility for the land's prosperity rests on your royal shoulders. You will have to fight enemies and monsters, explore new territories, manage economic and scientific developments, and complete a list of unusual tasks. There are a lot of heroes in your lands: valiant warriors and warlike barbarians, powerful wizards and grim necromancers, industrious dwarves and skilful elves. But all of them live their own lives and decide for themselves what to do at any moment! Immerse yourself in Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim on your Android device.

Additional Details

Session Price 2
Developer HeroCraft Inc.
Size 16MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date October 19, 2011

System Requirements

Supported Device Types Smartphone Only


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