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Pizza Panic

Arcade Lab



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Hurry up! The people of Crustville are hungry, and it's your job to deliver warm, tasty pizzas from Mr Ravioli's reputable restaurant. Get ready to race around the city of Crustville in this dazzling pizza delivery game on your skateboard! Roll your way through places like the harbour, beautiful city parks, and noisy subways on your quest to feed hungry patrons. As Pizzaboy you'll bring joy to ravenous customers awaiting their delectable pies.

Additional Details

Buy $9.99 or 20
Session Price 4
Developer Arcade Lab
Size 4MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date April 4, 2007

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or Vista
Keyboard and Mouse Supported
Processor Pentium 2 - 333MHz or better
DirectX Version 3.0 or above
PC Download Arcade Kids Platformer Food Sidescroller


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