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Rise of Mythos

ChangYou.com US Inc.


Online Multiplayer Strategy Role-Playing Fantasy


What will your army look like? In Rise of Mythos, you'll embark on an adventure in a world filled with mythical creatures and monsters. Battle through 50 levels of strategy, card and MMO gameplay. 4 different classes, 7 distinct races and an auction house to buy and sell items gives you tons of choices! With a crafting system that allows you to create, fuse, combine and extract to make your own unique army, you can customize your game to fit your own play style. Start building your deck today with Rise of Mythos!
  • Customizable card decks
  • 4 classes, 7 races
  • PvP arena
  • Multiple modes
  • Crafting system

Additional Details

Developer ChangYou.com US Inc.
Release Date October 9, 2013

System Requirements

Internet Connection Required
Flash Version 10.0
Online Multiplayer Strategy Role-Playing Fantasy