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Rolling Idols: Lost City

Melesta Games



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Hidden deep inside a tropical jungle are the ruins of the magnificent Lost City. An ancient menace called Nibiru destroyed it. Now the world needs you to rebuild the city and restore the elements of nature that Nibiru took. Rolling Idols: Lost City will have you matching elements, earning bonuses, building Mayan pyramids and reconstructing the Mayan calendar! Find the keys to unlock the caged elements and set them free! Take your time and plan your strategy - there's no time pressure and every move is important! Defeat Nibiru today in Rolling Idols: Lost City!

Additional Details

Buy $9.99 or 20
Session Price 4
Developer Melesta Games
Size 96MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date June 12, 2013

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
Processor Pentium - 1000MHz or better
DirectX Version 9.0 or above
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