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Steel Legions

Splitscreen Studios


Online Multiplayer Action Shooter Sci-Fi


When you take control over a steam-driven, heavy steel tank in an alternative history, you take on action-oriented missions against other players and their factions in Steel Legions!. To beat your opponents, you need equipment, team spirit and deft tactics. Collect gear and upgrade your vehicle, choose your weapon and steal resources from marauders everywhere in the country. Soon, you'll improve, repair or individualize your steel colossus. Play the massively multiplayer online game where four empires acrimoniously rival for land, resources and power today!

  • F2P PvP action MMO with colossal steel tanks, fast and easy access
  • Exciting missions
  • Collect gear and upgrade your vehicle

Additional Details

Developer Splitscreen Studios
Release Date October 17, 2012

System Requirements

Internet Connection Required
Java 7 or above
Online Multiplayer Action Shooter Sci-Fi