Evil is back and this time YOU control evil King Maelnik along with his mostly undead army! Dabble in your inner overlord in Stickwars™ 3, the follow up sequel to the smash castle defense game! Last time, King Maelnik's invading army was defeated, making Maelnik sad (and just a teensy bit dead inside). After being cured of his case of death and with his invading army in ruins, what was Maelnik to do? In true Evil Overlord fashion, he rolled up his cowl, raised some bow-toting zombies, cheered up the necromancers and flew his castle right up to King Otto's door....THAT'S WHAT! Warm up those fingertips, command the ranks of the Dark Lord Maelnik and flick King Otto's forces up and down "Humiliation Street." Start your overlording in Stickwars™ 3 and get it on Android today!

Additional Details

Developer Flashman Studios
Size 51MB, about 1 minute on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date July 25, 2013


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