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DarkOrbit presents Season 4 of the Season Pass!

Season 4, packed full of exciting and exclusive rewards, will run from 1st February until 25th April!

Complete missions and earn points to level up your Pass. Each level grants different rewards with two main reward tracks. The Free Rewards track is available to everyone whilst the Gold Rewards track can be unlocked by purchasing the Season Pass with Uridium or via our payment section. Players who have bought the Season Pass can access both the Free and Gold Rewards track!

This fourth iteration of the Season Pass features an updated mission reroll system allowing Free Reward players, as well as Gold Reward players, to reroll missions - also offering an increased chance of getting a rare mission! Rewards in Season 4 include a brand-new title, new Viking Orcus Ship Design, Drone and P.E.T. as well as the XSP01 unstable modules with boosted chances to get the Orcus and Spectrum Plus!

Engage the thrusters and prepare for battle in the free space MMO. Team up with millions of space pilots for a bitter fight to the end!

Listen up space pilot! The vast expanse of DarkOrbit awaits! Choose your spacecraft and make for your battle station poste-haste to lend a fighting hand to the efforts of mankind and vanquish the alien vermin threatening the existence of man. Take up the fight as you range the galaxy at the helm of your very own space ship. Sign up today in DarkOrbit, become a space pilot, place your allegiances in one of three factions, while joining forces with fellow pilots or forming clans in an effort to round up valuable resources and lead your faction to victory, while dispatching scores of galactic garbage in the free-to-play space game for your computer's browser!

However, evil aliens are not the only danger lurking about in Bigpoint's action-packed space MMO! Begin your journey through space in DarkOrbit by selecting one of three rival factions - each replete with their own philosophy of achieving victory in this interstellar fight. Use force, might and aggression in the Mars Mining Organization to emerge victorious, achieve your goals with monetary might in the Earth Industries Corporation or wield cunning and grace to defeat your enemies in the Venus Resources Unlimited. No matter your decision, your mission remains the same: compile valuable resources and turn the tide of the galactic struggle to claim victory in this shooter full of fulminant space action.

Faction affiliations notwithstanding, Bigpoint's smash space browser game gives you a plethora of unique options of putting your own personal touch on your individual struggle throughout space. DarkOrbit puts you in command - find your spacecraft from a host of specialized ships: from ships specialized in laying quick waste to enemy hordes and swift space ships fleet of foot designed to gather invaluable intel to bulky contraptions of high-tech brawn that lay down vital cover to your allies, while meting out heavy damage to targets.

Roam the myriad of galaxies of one of the all-time favorite space shooters. Fraught with danger at seemingly every turn, players must be on their guard and remain alert while scouring for resources, discovering new maps or completing a host of new missions. Form a clan with your friends and respected fellow pilots to boost your chances of victory and survival against hordes of imposing intergalactic beasts, or take on the most intimidating missions as you and your crew attempt to level up at the speed of light.

  • Whatever the Company you keep, it's yours in the Galaxy
  • Command the Ship of your Choice
  • Join the Epitome of an Online Community
  • Fight with Friends, or Against



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