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Rio de Janeiro, 1959. You are a freewheeling freelance pilot with a far from flightworthy aircraft, bringing a wealthy tourist into Brazil. An unfortunately bumpy landing leaves your furious passenger refusing to pay. So now you're penniless, stranded in Brazil with a broken-down airplane and your daughter's birthday only two days away.

At the airport, you cross paths with Igor and Sveta, an odd Russian couple who only add to your troubles. The rude thuggish Igor is an ex-KGB agent who's here to steal a stash of gold once owned by a Russian aristocrat named Anton. At the time of the revolution, Anton fled his beloved Russia to start a new life. He moved to Brazil and built a hotel in the town of Tiradentes, where he lived and finally died. As for sultry Sveta, it's hard to imagine what she sees in a possessive brute like Igor - but she never takes her eyes off him.

In Tiradentes the plot thickens - you learn of a long gone love affair and find out about the rightful heiress to Anton's fortune. Now you have your work cut out - solving the brain-teasing puzzles that Anton has planted, frantically searching the town for Vanessa the heiress, and then attempting to save her from Igor's evil plans.

Set in the elegant Brazil of the magical 1950s, and featuring a cast of lifelike characters, this new casual adventure game , "Brazilian Adventure", has a clever plot that's full of surprises and includes more than 30 puzzles and mini games, plus a bonus in-game collectibles hunt.

Beautifully written dialog featuring authentic mid-century expressions; top class voice overs by professional actors; and a musical soundtrack that matches the period and the setting, enhancing an already vibrant colorful atmosphere to give the player a rare and pleasant experience they will never forget.

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor



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