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The shadows of doom grow long as the ancient Egyptian villain Sutekh envelops Metro City with a wave of crime. But Sutekh's seedy underworld is about to be infiltrated by a superhero unlike the world has even seen. A superhero who can melt into the darkness like a phantom.

By day this brave crimefighter is a common ordinary citizen. But when night falls, he is cloaked in a secret identity to seek out and destroy the dark forces that lurk on midnight streets. Who is this man the press calls Nightshade? Only you can answer that... for he is you.

Every night you solidify your superhero status, patrolling one hundred of the city's darkest corners, including King Rat's filthy underground hideout and the League of Unreasonable Gentlemen. Here you'll find thieves, muggers and other alley scum that you must either deal with or destroy for clues. But be warned. You're not the only night stalker. For as you hunt Sutekh, Sutekh hunts you with the human printing press, the closing wall of spikes, deadly jackal pits, and the chilling freeze ray.

To overcome these treacherous obstacles, you must seek out hidden weapons, including energy domes, force gloves and The Staff of Ra. More importantly, you must use problem solving skills to outsmart five crime kings who hold the inner secrets to Sutekh's Lair.

Of course the ultimate key to destroying Sutekh is your popularity. For it's a power source that gives you the wits to decipher clues and the strength to pulverize villains and rescue innocent bystanders. Remember. If this heroic prowess ever diminishes, you'll no longer control the night. You'll be consumed by it.

Nightshade features 8 bit graphics and soundtrack, and a rich comicbook like story. Game style is like similar to point and click adventure games with its own twist.

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Pentium 4 - 2.5 GHz or better



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